if ideas had colours

To dance free image on pixabay

Dreaming up a bouquet of light, and colours

erupting a volcano of flowers:

some bright, and outrageously happy

some wanton and wandering, like a desire

some sombre, and wistful,

tired, and brooding,

some demure, and timorous

dark and bleeding,

some revoltingly, rebellious, courageous,

and some tempestuous, threateningly defiant!

Yes, colours…



a poem

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

That’s where, we walked together,

holding hands,

that’s where, we used to be,

that’s where

it was,

transparent as a shell


as open as my hand

trusting, forthright,

drawn out on the slippery sand,

that what you walked over,

that’s where it’s scattered,

still beating with love,

a broken…



a poem

Shimla June 2022 Image credit Author

That was

the last evening,

though we didn’t know,

but as it turned out to be,

I think about it quite often,

maybe you do too!

Not sure, if what you said,

or what I didn’t,

was the reason,

but, an awkward silence

had stretched our connection




Neera Handa Dr

Neera Handa Dr

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