April Fool’s Day

an ordinary day with extraordinary overtures

Neera Handa Dr


Photo by Eduardo Dorantes on Unsplash

Are we all fools? And what about April Fools?

The first of April is known as fool’s day! Not like a celebration of being foolish, but a celebration of the fool, someone, who can be and is befooled! And this particular day, it is ok to make a fool of someone, without offending them

To make a fool of our own selves is our prerogative, and we do that quite well too and can do that any day, there is nothing special about it, but yes, making a fool of another person, that’s a thing.

Though, if they are more clever than you, you are done!

You also risk your safety, if the person is foul-tempered, or bulkier than you.

But when you do it on this particular day of the year, the first of April, the person is not supposed to get annoyed at you.

Even if you put ink in the water, they were going to wash their face with, or in my case, they actually did wash their face and walked around with ink on their face the whole morning wearing it like a sign, ‘I’m a fool’, all over the university campus, they are not supposed to be angry.

That particular day, when it actually did happen to me, I hadn’t realised it was the 1st of April, though I did know the history of the importance of this day.

I had read about it, that how due to a change in calendars, from one era to another, in 16th century England (most things originated there, for a solid reason), the 1st of April which used to be the new year day, (time of Spring in Northern Hemisphere) but had lost its significance, its place was taken by the month of January.

However, some people during those times, I mean in the 16th century, ignorant of this change, due to lack of communication, had kept celebrating 1st April as the new year, and were laughed at by those people, who knew, yes, the people who always laugh at the fools who are ignorant, or backward, or sheer stupid.

It happens all the time, when people, who remain absorbed in their own selves and don’t know (or care) about the new changes to things, like language, new words, fashion, manners, like shrugging shoulders, saying “cool, dude, app, texting LOL, BTW, and traditions, like…



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